Property is actually a member that give access to a characteristic off an item otherwise a category

When the effective return type of a method is not void and the method has an expression body, E , the expression shall be implicitly convertible to the effective return type, and the body is exactly equivalent to a block body of the form < return>.

the importance-returning F approach leads to a compile-big date error given that manage normally circulate off the avoid of the means body. The latest G and H procedures are right given that all of the you can easily delivery pathways cause an income report one specifies a return value. The brand new I method is right, while the its body’s equivalent to an announcement stop with only an individual come back report in it. stop analogy

14.eight.step 1 Standard

Samples of characteristics are the period of a sequence, how big a beneficial font, this new caption of a window, title regarding a customer, and so on. Attributes is actually an organic extension off sphere-both are called participants with related brands, additionally the sentence structure to have being able to access sphere and you may functions is similar. But not, in lieu of industries, attributes don’t signify sites locations. Instead, features has actually accessors that indicate the latest statements to get executed when its viewpoints is read otherwise written. Services for this reason provide a process to own accompanying measures for the discovering and writing regarding an enthusiastic object’s qualities; furthermore, they allow such as services become computed.

A house_report cover anything from a collection of functions (§21) and you may a valid combination of the fresh five availableness modifiers (§fourteen.3.6), the fresh (§fourteen.step three.5), static (§, virtual (§fourteen.6.cuatro, §14.7.6), override (§14.six.5, §14.7.6), shut (§14.6.6), abstract (§, §, and you will extern (§fourteen.six.8) modifiers.

The kind of a house declaration determine the type of the fresh new possessions introduced by the e (§14.6.1) determine title of the house. Until the property was a specific software associate execution, the fresh representative_name is merely a keen identifier. To have an explicit software affiliate execution (§17.6.2), the newest member_title include a program_variety of with an effective » . » and you can an enthusiastic identifier.

A property_body may either consist of an accessor body or an expression body. In an accessor body, accessor_declarations, which shall be enclosed in » < ">» tokens, declare the accessors (§14.7.3) of the property. The accessors specify the executable statements associated with reading and writing the property.

An expression body consisting of => followed by an expression E and a semicolon is exactly equivalent to the statement body < get>> , and can therefore only be used to specify getter-only properties where the result of the getter is given by a single expression.

Property_initializer may only be provided with to possess an automatically adopted property (§fourteen.7.4), and results in the fresh initialization of one’s fundamental world of such as characteristics to the worth given by the term.

Even though the sentence structure for accessing a property is the identical due to the fact you to to own a field, a home is not classified since a changeable. Therefore, this is simply not possible to pass through property given that an effective ref or away disagreement.

Whenever property ceny smore report includes a keen extern modifier, the house is considered as an external possessions. Because an external possessions report will bring no actual implementation, every one of its accessor_declarations include good semicolon.

14.eight.2 Fixed and such as qualities

Whenever a house report boasts a static modifier, the home is claimed to get a fixed property. When no fixed modifier can be acquired, the property is alleged to be an incident possessions.

A static property is not associated with a specific eg, and is a gather-time error to refer to this in the accessors off good static property.

A situation house is associated with a given example of a group, hence particularly would be accessed as this (§eleven.eight.12) on accessors of that assets.