Seeking to durability perfection that will drive outperformance

Our very own alternative spending method is designed to select the fresh new contacts between enterprises therefore the world’s durability pressures. I make a set of give-lookin themes because of the concentrating on financial support-associated things.

Suggestion chart | Forward-appearing themes

Our submit-appearing capital themes try rooted in basic search and have just how businesses are linked to around the world durability priorities. I outline about three overarching thematic categories, and that continue to evolve because the our very own lookup unlocks the facts.

Materiality map | Capital value

We build the lookup funding-associated from the concentrating on economically question environmental, societal, and you will governance ESG things. Passionate by the functions of your Sustainable Bookkeeping Requirements Panel (SASB), i have arranged a hack – the newest Materiality Map – to help you construction the search goals.

Putnam’s Green Investing people organizes the search to recognize the relationships ranging from businesses we could invest in therefore the earth’s evolving durability pressures.

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